Are you between 18 and 35 years old, attractive and in good shape, fluent in English, sociable, outgoing, prepared to learn fast and work hard in order to earn good money? 

Then you are welcome to apply at Candys and have an opportunity to

earn an average of R10,000 - R20,000 monthly.

Candy's is always scouting for individuals to join their team during the year. 

Be the first of your class to apply for 2019, that is before the other students apply.

Positions include waitresses, shooter girls, cage dancers and bar ladies -

anything that can add value to our club.

Even though you might not be the main attraction, you still form a vital part of the brand and experience.   When our patrons enter the front door they must be swept away by our atmosphere and

unique mood setting Candys has come to offer.

And it all starts with a smile…  and good service.


If this is your first time applying for work or you are inexperienced you might need some training.

Candys does offer training and can help you along the process. 

With the help of management and tailor-made Candy Manual, you will receive in-house training, learn tricks of the trade and last but not least - make money and have fun whilst doing it!