• We prefer a female and at least between 18 and 35 years of age.

  • You must at least live in Port Elizabeth or willing to relocate. (Not live outside PE )

  • Your body must be your pride, and at all times a desirable and healthy feminine physique must be maintained.

  • Personal hygiene, is extremely important, because you work in close proximity with food, beverage and patrons

  • A work uniform will be available at your own cost – it must be kept neat and only used for work purposes.

  • You must be able to speak a clean and clear English. 

  • You must be available to work some nights and weekends.


  • Shifts will be divided among the Girls, so you will have same days off in the week

  • Hours are from 7pm to closing, between 7-9 hours per shift

  • The club is usually closed on public holidays if it falls on Monday, this will be at discretion of the manager.

  • You will get a basic shift fee, per hour and paid monthly by EFT.

  • Tips are paid out each shift, and our patrons are usually very generous. 

  • The more  sales, the better the service and the bigger the smile, the bigger the tip

  • Candy's yields some of the highest tip incomes in Port Elizabeth

  • You will also be shifted between bar and floor shifts at some times.

Trading Hours: 

Monday to Saturday |  7pm to 3am

113 Heugh Road 
Port Elizabeth

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