Frequently asked questions

Waitress / Barlady

This is my first time applying for a job at Candys. How does it work?

It’s pretty easy to apply. Go to the work for us tab and select what you would like to apply for at the club. You can apply for dancing, waitress or anything you like. The website has an online application form that you should complete in order to apply. Takes about 5 Minutes to complete.

  1. You will need to complete the form and submit

  2. We will then review your application.

  3. If you are selected we will then contact you for an interview.

  4. If you do get the green light, management will then make arrangements for you to start.

  5. Everything will be explained in more detail, so first apply...

How do I apply to work at Candys?

Your best way is to use our online application form located at the Work for us section. We also make us of a Business WhatsApp, (060 369 7354) do not call the number as it is linked to a computer. To send a WhatsApp you add our number as a contact and you start by sending your Name, Surname and few photos. Plus indicate if for what you are applying for. Waitress, Dancer or bar-lady. Remember the business WhatsApp gets allot of queries and messages all day so she is not available all the time to reply. So the best way to join our team is to apply online or second best by WhatsApp. The photos is also an important part of your application and should be free from Photoshop, filters and recent.

Do you have training that you can provide and how long is the training?

Yes, we do provide training for new applicants. Depending on your skills and basic knowledge it can take a few days to do the training. It is easy and straight forward learning and observing.

The standard Time frame for Training is 3 Days Training,

  • Day 1 - You will shadow a girl serving tables and observe.

  • Day 2 - You will receive a few tables on the floor 2 to 5, you will get to keep your tips made for the night.

  • Day 3 - You will receive more tables and the Manager on duty will judge your skills

I have no work experience, may I apply to work at Candys?

Yes, you may apply to work at Candy’s at any time. We don’t really fear if you have no experience in the hospitality industry. That’s why we can train you to do anything. The knowing how to waitress, serve or sell shooters is a bonus if you already have the skills.

I have never been to an interview. What if I am nervous?

There is always a first time for everything, so don’t get nervous and overthink the whole thing. Experience is everything so when you get invited for an interview at the club you will be given a quick tour and explained how things work. That way you can get a better idea of how Candys works and look. To be nervous before the interview is very normal, no need to stress.

How much money can I make working as waitress?

All the girls get paid a daily fee which is paid monthly.

(For example: If you waitress you get paid R150-R200 per shift and if you are training you don’t get paid the first 3 nights)

So let’s say R150 shift fee + R650 Tips + R200 body shots = R1000 x 15 Days = R15000

How much you make all depends on you and your attitude, how busy the club is and how good your service is. If you are going to be lazy and not make an effort to look after your tables don’t expect a big tip. Some nights you can make around R800.00 and other busy nights you can go home with over R2000.00 for one night.

Don’t think you going to be rich overnight it takes time and experience to be at a level where you make the big tips.

What is the dress code?

We have Candys branded outfits that you get at a small cost. It is your responsibility make sure it is clean and neat each day. Shoes you need to supply, like Black Nike or Tommy’s or any black shoes that you can stand and walk in. Your hair must be loose, straightened, long and neat. Hair must be natural colour, no funny pinks, and blues or purple (we are not the circus). You may wear make-up and so on to look sexy and the part. If you have visible tattoos you can speak to management about that, some tattoos is acceptable. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have what you need.

Standard dress code: Is hot pants, tank top, bikini, etc.

You should feel comfortable working in your own skin, and not shy to show some skin when needed. Remember we do offer topless waitressing.

Do the girls work completely naked?

No, we have themes and the girls work to display a fantasy to our guests. Like on a bikini Night the girls will wear a bikini for the night. The themes changes every night to be different to the next.

What if I need accomodation?

The club can provide accommodation on agreement with management and only if available. The club owns a few houses and flats that is located close to Walmer area. We prefer to give preference to dancers on available units.

How many days do I work per week?

Candy's is open 6 days a week and closed on a Sunday. With that being said, you would have Sunday off as well as one/two days in the week. The Manager has the final say over shifts and you may not swop out or skip any shifts. You may however speak to management if you need time off.

What security is there at Candys?

We do have armed response on standby and 8 trained doormen working at the club on a shift basis. All the customers gets searched when they enter the building. We also have 65 CCTV cameras 24/7 linked to off-site monitoring system for your safety. There is no cash kept onsite and no keys to the drop-safe. All payments are done electronically as don’t keep cash onsite.

May customers touch me?

No, the touching of waitresses or any dancer is forbidden. There is that level of acceptance but if any customer gets out of hand the doorman will step in and give the customer a warning or ask the customer to leave the club.