The Six Types of Pole Dance Shoes for Strippers

Choosing a pair of stripper shoes can be a very daunting task. What kind are the best to wear? Which kind are the most durable? Should you buy a size too small, too big, or stay true to your own size? What is the most cost-effective way to buy stripper shoes? And ultimately, how can you be relatively comfortable in Pole Dance shoes without getting blisters, plantar faciitis or other aches and pains?

There are two major categories of pole dance shoes to choose from – stripper shoes and stripper boots.

The three types of stripper shoes are:

1. Clear

2. Patent leather

3. Mary Jane

The next three types of boots include:

1. Knee high boots

2. Ankle Boots

3. Thigh high boots

Most of these are pretty self explanatory and well-known in strip clubs and pop culture reviews. Stripper’s heel heights START at 4 inches and can go all the way to 8 inches if you’re aided by a pretty big platform to elevate the front of your shoe as well. 6 inch heels are pretty much the standard height for exotic dancers to wear.

Most strippers find that the clear stripper shoes are the best to wear, the least expensive, and you can find them pretty easily at your local adult store or lingerie boutique. You can even find them online in regular sizes and plus sizes, but if you’re trying them for the first time, you definitely need to try them on in person first and find out what works for you.

You may even have to buy a few different types to figure out what size and kind really fit you well. I always recommend to get shoes with straps that can fasten your shoes to your ankle securely so that they don’t come flying off when you hop on the pole!

The most durable kinds of stripper shoes are definitely the stripper boots. They can protect your legs and ankles as well if you bang around on the pole a lot or if you find yourself kicking chairs and tables and bruising your toes by accident! Not having an open toe can be an advantage in the club!

The best brands to buy are Pleaser, Ellie, Tony’s Shoes, and the Highest Heel Collection.

As far as size – you have to do a little experimenting and see what works for you for the long haul. For all of my stripper shoes I had to stay true to my size for high heels and maybe even buy on the bigger side if they ran small, which they normally do. For ALL boots I always had to buy one size bigger because they are closed toe and don’t give the room that clear shoes have, but I also wear a size 11 and I have very wide feet! It may be different in your case!

Most importantly – for your own longevity – try to pace yourself on your feet in the club. Always remember to lightly stretch your calves and your Achilles tendons before and after your shift so that you can loosen the muscles and get blood flow into the area to prepare for your night of athletic activities and artistic expression!

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