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Example of Full length bikini picture  

Example of closeup face picture  

Sending your pictures to Candys for a dancer application can be very important.    

You don't have to be a supermodel or even super thin to work for us.

Each application is reviewed individually. 

Remember we can't hire you if you can't send us a bikini or underwear pictures.   

  We receive many applications, but only a few girls will stand out of the rest. 

80% of the girls who send us more exotic photos is hired successfully.  

We have proven to be very professional during the hiring and training process.


Use a big mirror should you not have someone to take photos 

Make sure you send us clear full length pictures

Don't use any filters or photoshop on the pictures

The more you send the better, front, back, side and close-up

Show clearly you have long hair and your face while smiling

For more examples of other photos you can send click here

If you would like to know more then view our FAQ's

Dancer Picture Examples