Frequently asked questions


How much money can a dancer make a month?

How much you make all depends on you and your attitude, how hard you work and how busy the club is that night. So if you work hard and follow our guidelines you will easily reach your goal.

Example 1: Should you sell 10 lap dances and 10 table dances for the week (R600 x 10) + (R300 x10) = R9000 for the week. That equals to R36 000 for the month.

Example 2: Should you sell 10 Lap dances, 15 Table dances and 5 Champagne Bookings for the week (R600 x 10) + (R300 x 10) + (R1000 x 5) = R14 000 for the week. That equals to R56 000 a month.

I would like to work in your club, how do I apply?

The first step is to apply, all you need is a few recent pictures and your phone. Go to our online application form and start filling in the blanks. Even if it is your first time working at a revue bar, fill in the info and send as much detail as you can. If there is a problem with our website then Email all the details to:, subject: Dancer application. You can send to both our platforms…

  1. Name, Surname, age and few pictures

  2. Include your CV if you have one available

  3. List any experience you have or other clubs you worked before.

Your application will be reviewed and someone from our team will then contact you within 2 business days. If you worked at our club before you would like to reapply also do the same.

I want to be a Dancer how does it all work?

You will sign a 3-6 month dance contract with us. Each night you will entertain patrons by moving from table to table, conversing with them and sell dances to them – that’d be your income. Throughout the night you will also part-take in stage shows and catwalks and just be sassy, sexy and fabulous overall. Candy’s sells lap dances, table dances and sexy striptease and VIP dances. Candys does not sell anything other than dances, food, and alcohol. For any other questions, we’ll gladly answer after your application is received.

How do the dancers make so much money?

As a dancer working from our club. Throughout the night you will hustle sell table dances and lap dances. You will use your personality and charm to sell dances. Training will be given if you are new to dancing. See below just as an example an average dancer can make dancing.

For example: if you sell each night 3 x Lap dances and 3 x Table dances (3 x 500 + 3 x 300) = R2400

So: R2400 x 5 Days = R12 000 a week (R48 000 a Month working 5 days a week)

We will try our best to help you achieve your desired outcome. It will take you about two weeks to be at a good level of confidence and make the desired level of income.

Rome was not build in a day. So with some time and training you will get where you want to be.

For any other questions, we’ll gladly answer after your application is received.

Can I work at Candy’s Part Time or while I study?

We’ll gladly meet you and discuss the option. All you have to do is apply to join the team and have an open mind. There is always other options available at the club. Shooter girl or waitress and cage dancing. If you think you can add value to the club then apply and let’s meet…

We have had lots of successful students dancing and paying their studies. Some paid all their study debt finished and managed to have savings to enter the business world. The technology is so advanced that you have online studies and part time studies you can do while dancing.

Any questions will be answer after your application is received.

How old must I be to work at Candys?

Preferably between 18 and 35 i.e. A good personality to handle the dynamics of the business. If you are 18+ you will also be considered if you can display a mature personality after a one-on-one interview to ensure that you can handle demands of the industry. The hours puts lots of strain on your time to study if you are a student.

What should I look like to work at Candys?

The more you pride yourself on your physical appearance, the more attention you’ll get and the more business you’ll generate.

Remember, you are fulfilling someone’s fantasy, and therefore you must at least look (and feel) healthy, fit and attractive. You don’t have to be a super model to do dancing, you don’t even be very skinny as you will lose weight dancing. Basically we need variety, so it’s good to give have something for everyone.

Lots of girls delay joining the team because they first want to lose a few kg or maybe they scared and think they are over-weight. Why wait? Apply to join and speak to our HR Department and let us advise you. How you see yourself and how we see you is two different things.

Every Week you are delaying in contacting us could have been money in your pocket.

What skills should I have?

Dance/acrobatic skills would be advantageous, but if you are able to move and learn we can say with confidence that within a week or two you will with training be more than sufficient. Practise makes perfect and most new girls learn quickly as dancing will become second nature.

You should also have cunning social and interpersonal skills to interact with customers and entertain them – beauty isn’t everything. Sometimes a guy just wants a girl to talk to or give him some attention. Also, the more persuasive you are, the more dances you’ll sell.

Be confident, feel sexy and be classy. If you used to working with clients and talking them you will make an ideal dancer. Put your skills to work for you.

What are the working hours?

The club is open 6 days a week (Mon-Sat). It opens at 7pm and runs till late (between 2am-4am) depending on patronage. As there a number of dancers, they can relieve each other of dance duties, and have at least one night a week off or you may work 6 days a week.

What is expected of me?

There are 4 categories:

• Stage shows – a dancer is required to perform a dance/striptease show of 10-15min on the main stage – this is your main moment to show people what you’re capable of and just how damn sexy you are. If you are new to the industry our DJ and instructor will help you compile a show, so you will not be doing stage shows till you ready.

• Catwalks – a dancer is required to go onto the main stage for the duration off two to three songs. The routine need not be as strenuous as a stage show, but this is the perfect opportunity to briefly introduce yourself. This is not a show but more a sexy walk on stage so customers can see you.

• Intro – all the girls move as one big group out of the dressing room and position themselves all over the club and do one song intro. This is the perfect time to outshine your competitors.

• Private Dances – this includes lap dances, table dances, and conversations. This is where you start making money – the more you sell, the more you make. Impress a guy, and he might become a regular patron for the club.

More will be explained when we receive your application

What would a typical evening, at the club, be like as a dancer?

As you arrive you will get ready, putting on make-up, doing your hair and selecting your hottest outfit. Thereafter you will mingle with the crowd, talking to them, keeping them company, try to convince them to buy a private dance.

Every hour one dancer will be scheduled to do a stage show and in-between catwalks will be required on a rotational basis and one or two intros. The harder you work, the more money you make. If you just sit around, look bored and get drunk, no-one will be interested and you won’t make it far in the industry.

What should I wear?

Anything sexy and alluring, from lingerie to sexy miniskirts and high heels. This is an elite gentlemen’s lounge, so patrons will expect to see sexy and classy girls. Just make sure you’re comfortable – the clothes must fit your body type and must be easy to take off. G-strings and bikinis also a must. So have a few outfits and if you are new, we do have a few outfits at the club for-sale.

How much clothing do I have to take off?

Well, it is a strip club, so basically everything. However, the way you do it is important – you need to allure your patrons and perform a clever strip tease…emphasis on tease. Don’t expose everything in one shot – there a clever and very sexy ways to move and cover up and still be seen as provocative and classy.

Is training available?

The club boasts with a professional resident choreographer and pole instructor that will help you out should you feel your routine needs a little bit more sass and glamour.

How much can I earn as a dancer?

Earnings all depend on how cunning and willing you are to sell dances to patrons. Are you friendly and can a customer approach you? Do you time yourself and move around from table to table? Do you talk to the customers and make them feel welcome. Do you help the club with marketing? Strippers can’t live off tips alone. The more professional and determined you are, the more you will sell. And you can earn anything from 5k-20k a week! We have had SA local girls whom made R30k a week just in selling dances and working very hard. But that is entirely up to you what you do with the tools we give you or if you going to sit in the corner and wait for something or if you going out there and make your money... We can only give you the tools…