Strip Cam Picture Examples  

Below you will find picture examples to give you a idea what to send on your application. 

In order for us to make sure you are who you say you are we need ID picture and photos as per below. 

Admin will then verify photos and video with your ID picture.     


  1. Make sure you send clear full length pictures head to toe.

  2. Don't use any filters or photoshop on the pictures

  3. Do not use a flash, use the natural light or bedroom main light

  4. Take 2 photos of each side, front, back, side, as per example 

  5. Show clearly your long hair untied- lose to the back

  6. Do not cover your face and smile 

  7. Wear a thong and topless when you take the first set pictures 

  8. For the second set of photos be NUDE completely and take 2 x of each side

  9. If you don't have someone to help use a big mirror 

  10. For the short video walk away from the camera then turn around and walk back - NUDE

example 1 Waitress.JPG
example 3 waitress.JPG
example 2 waitress.JPG