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*Anyone can be a strip cam girl, but not anyone can be a successful one. You will need to put in a lot of effort, to invest in yourself, to work hard.  You must have certain qualities or develop the ones that are not distinctive.

*The qualities a stripcam-girl should have are both physical and psychological. A strip camgirl cannot be successful is she doesn't possess both, as a bad personality can ruin even the image of someone who looks perfect and, the loveliest of strip camgirls won't do much if she doesn't also take care of her appearance.

* Physical appearance and image of Stripper and a Virtual stripper camgirl are vital in the real world and that of the internet. Important physical qualities a good stripper camgirl are written below.

* Impeccable body hygiene. A model must take perfect care of herself. She must be shaved to perfection, always, no hairs out of place, perfectly clean and smooth, no dirt underneath nails. The camera is unforgiving and the lights in the rooms are quite powerful. There will be a lot of zooming, and any sort of negligence will be instantly noticed. Body hair especially can be very visible, and a cam model should always remember that.

* Clean, styled, well-maintained hair. A successful camgirl can't go online with her hair looking bad. There's always the option of having artfully messy hair, or a looser, casual style, but it has to still look good, even when going for a more natural look. If a model dyes their hair, she should touch it up regularly, not letting roots show for too long.

* Perfect manicure and pedicure. A camgirl should absolutely not go online without her nails looking good. Go to a salon, ask a friend who knows what they're doing, but you simply cannot neglect your nails. They don't have to necessarily be long, since not everyone can stand that, but they should be well groomed and painted.

* Make-up. Obviously, as a camgirl, you can't go online without any good make-up. The lights in the rooms are quite harsh, and if you don't know what to do they will wash you out. The make-up on camera should be stronger than what you would normally wear outside. Even if you don't like very strong make-up, a professional looking one will go a long way.

* Sexy, creative, diverse outfits. The outfit on camera have to usually be glam, good looking, and should fit your style. Good quality lingerie, a leather skirt, a lovely, sexy dress that shows off cleavage or legs, and, of course, high-heels. Accessories can help a simpler outfit, and a successful cam girl knows this. Make sure to buy different types of jewellery to suit your needs.

* A well-toned physique. Of course, diverse body types do have success in camming. However, muscles, a firm ass and thighs, a toned physique will all create a better image. You don't have to be stick-thin, but you do have to look like you're making an effort to maintain your appearance. Go to the gym regularly, maintain a healthy life-style, take care of yourself.

The physical is important, but it's not the only aspect a model should think about. Expressively speaking, there are traits one needs in order to achieve success in the camming industry.


* Resilient. It's not an easy job, and it can get very tiring to stay on camera and always be active, engage with the members. You will have to deal with all sorts of people, and you will have plenty of help with that, but you still have to get used to it, and not let everything affect you, and, with support, be able to recover from any bad moods caused by whatever is happening online.

* Ambitious. Money won't just start raining on you immediately after you log in. You need to be motivated and to work really hard in order to make that happen. Furthermore, you'll have to be patient, and understand that it takes time to reach the top of the top.

* Sociable. This one should be obvious. If you don't like interacting with people, or you prefer being alone, then this job is not for you. Being a camgirl requires good social skills. Those can be learned, of course, but you also have to be a bit sociable by nature, enjoy interacting with people from very diverse backgrounds and know how to handle them.

* Open-minded. Aside from the fact that you'll meet members with a lot of tastes in different things, some that you might have not heard of, there is also a lot to learn in how to be a model. There's a lot of advice you can get from older, more experienced cam girls and from trainers, and if you're not willing to learn, you won't make it that far in this industry.

* Flexible. Flexibility is very important in this industry. You have to, of course, still be yourself in a way, but you also have to be willing to change, to adapt your image and conversation on camera. Furthermore, you'll have to learn to leave your problems at the door, and separate your personal life from your camera life.

* Disciplined. Perhaps the most important one. Think about the fact that this is a job like any other. You have to respect a schedule, work hard, get involved in your job, respect everyone, listen to advice given from management. 


* Update of content.  Management will update your content, videos, photos in house as part of agreement. 

These are all qualities a camgirl should have in order to achieve success. Develop, grow, work on yourself, and you'll surely have a successful career as a camgirl.