"My first night dancing at Candy's" 

"My first night I was so nervous I almost did not get out of the car, but I pulled myself together and took the chance.  Today I made a career out of dancing, much better than working for peanuts."  

Information for dancer 


  • You must be female and at least between 18 and 36 years of age.

  •  Your body must be your pride, and at all times a desirable and healthy feminine physique must be maintained.  You don't have to be a supermodel to be a dancer at our club.   Our HR department will give you advice and help you if you are new to the industry and don't have an idea if you should start dancing.   

  •  Personal hygiene, especially is extremely important, because you work with patrons.

  • All outfits will be at your own cost, the club can help you with outfits and shoes if needed for a start-up.  If you you have been a dancer before you should have lots of shoes and outfits.  We will email you a list when you apply to work for us of items you might need to start working. 


  • You must be able to speak a clean and clear standardised form of English (and/or Afrikaans, Xhosa – the more the better) If you need English classes we will help you to learn some form of english with a tutor. 

  • Be confident, never too shy but a lady at all times.  It is "ok" to be shy if you have never worked in a stripclub, but with practice and the help of our team we will ease you into being a great dancer.

  • Be able to make each patron feel that he is the most important person in the club – every one of them must be treated like a VIP

The skill: 

  • A Basic and logical sense of hospitality – you are a dancer and in essence provide a service to the patron, and how you handle and serve them when you dance will determine their experience in the club …and that determines if you get an extra tip or if they will buy another dance from you.


  • Dancing skills – if you haven’t got it already, Candy’s will give you proper and comprehensive in-service training. 

  • Pole Dancing skills – if you haven’t pole danced before, Candy’s will give you proper and comprehensive training.  Remember you do not need to know how to pole dance to work at Candy's.  The skill to pole dance is learned while working. 


  • Good communication skills – you should be able to communicate clearly and sufficiently to sell dances and to explain the different dance types  and proceedings of the business.  If needed we will provide english classes.  ​


  • Be a team player –  Always assist a fellow dancer where you can. This way you build good interpersonal relationships and the work just gets done so much easier and faster.  


  • Stamina and balance – you’ll be working late and long hours. Ensure that you are fit and well rested, joining a gym is a option also to increase your stamina.​


  • Basic math skills – you will be working with selling dances and money. Basic addition and subtraction is important to either calculate the dance sold and will be advantageous to ensure a quick sale and deal when working with customers. 


  • A thorough knowledge of the business nature and products – you deal with the patron most of the time, so ensure that you know the house rules, the drink menu, the food sold and dancing services.