Frequently asked questions

What equipment and what accessories do I need to be camgirl?

For your stripcam activity, you will have to invest a minimum in equipment and accessories. The basic equipment will not cost you anything, but you can equip yourself with more professional equipment if you keep your business going or invest in accessories for your shows.

Here is the recommended basic equipment:

  • A computer (PC or Mac): preferably a fairly recent model, portable (to enable mobility) and with a built-in webcam (if it is of good quality). When you register, you will be asked to use our web services that allow you to connect directly to the platform with your computer
  • A webcam if your computer does not already have one (or if its quality is not enough for your live shows). You can purchase an HD webcam to get the best picture quality possible.
  • Broadband internet connection: it is important to have a very high quality broadband connection for live image broadcasting. A gap between the image and the sound or a choppy rendering of the movements can very quickly discourage your viewers. It may be time to switch to fiber!
  • Candys have set up temp booths for the local girls to use if they do not have a place at home to broadcast there shows.

Having quality material is not only a prerequisite for attracting viewers to your shows but also to give a serious image as a model. You can then invest in good lighting for example without forgetting a few props to spice up shows.

How many hours does it take to work?

One of the big advantages to being a stripcamgirl is, of course, the flexibility of schedules. You choose when you want to work if you take our our platform we are international platform aswell. There will always be people at any time of day or night. You also decide how many hours you want to be online. It is advisable to be active regularly and fairly consistently. We ask that our girls try to connect at least 4 days a week to increase opportunities to be seen. The more you work, the more you establish a close relationship with the viewers. Don’t forget that you are far from alone on the camming platform and it is very easy for the visitor to see what is happening in another room if you are not there.

How much does a camgirl make?

SripCam-model work is often equated with easy money because she works from home at the right time. Nevertheless, it is not so simple, the competition is tough, and you will have to make a place and attract viewers. The amount earned by a camgirl will depend on the quality and pace of her shows, but it is considered that a beginner model can earn between 10 and 40 $ per hour. Also remember her photos and videos can earn her much more money with quality content.

Where to do my shows?

The place where you will do your shows is very important and must be chosen according to several criteria:

  • To be calm to have no disruption during your shows
  • To be spacious enough to accommodate your equipment (PC, lighting …)
  • To be treated in terms of decoration (each object must be placed in a thoughtful way)

You can choose bedroom decor (which the majority of camgirls do) or enter a character and choose the place that goes with: the maid in the living room, the secretary at the office …). Do not put limits, change is always beneficial.

I am round, I have small breasts, stretch marks, I am red … can I become a model?

There is no discrimination in sexy camming, on the contrary, there is something for all tastes, whether in terms of body build or physical specifics. Your particularities are assets because there are people who like what you consider to be faults. Do not be shy or embarrassed by your physical appearance! Moreover, this is not the most important but the self-confidence of the model is. The more you like your body, the more you assume it, the more you want to play, to show yourself and more, you will feel comfortable in front of the camera and more viewers will be satisfied. Don’t think they will prefer to go in the room of a supermodel. If they came to see your show, it is because they appreciate your physical appearance. The vast majority of the time, the exchanges between the camgirl and the viewers are done in benevolence. Nobody will criticize your physique, if they do not find what they are looking for at home, they will leave the room to attend another show.

I have pink hair, tattoos, piercings … is it embarrassing to be camgirl?

Again, there is no problem with these kind of body traits. On the contrary, the more you stand out and the more you flaunt your differences, the more viewers you will attract. If some people do not like tattoos, they just will not see your shows. Everyone is free, on your side as well as theirs. Once again, be confident and comfortable and assume your particularities. This will be felt in your shows if you are comfortable with your body.

I can block some users / countries?

The platforms allow you to moderate your room and especially the chat of your room as you wish and offer you the opportunity to block some disrespectful users. You can even choose to block the broadcasting of your shows in certain countries or regions (which is very convenient if you do not want to risk being recognized and thus block the broadcast in France, for example).

The Income of a StripCam Model

The amount that this market brings in is variable. Different cam models, during their live shows, earn a varying range depending on who they are and the platform they utilize. Here Are the Different Compensation Types for Cam Models: Pay per minute: subscribers start first with a free chat, then are invited to join the Model in a private live session. The platform allow you to choose your own rate per minute in a private chat. Generally, this ranges from $1 to more than $5 for the most popular models. Gift income (tips, tokens, etc.): the models who work on this type of platform do their live shows and decide for themselves when a minimum amount is reached. To give you an example: about fifty euros to see a model naked usually allows you to significantly increase your revenue in a limited time. The other side of the coin is that subscribers are generally only there as spectators. The sale of clichés: Many media and platforms offer models income from clichés. The fan base: an effective method for cam professionals is to build a fan base (regular subscribers) to ensure regular revenue over time. It consists in having members who pay a monthly amount for the different shows. However, you are advised to remain anonymous in order to keep the distance between you and the members (your private life & safety are important!).