Below is an draft summary of your conditions of service while at Candy's.   

•    All dancers are required to work a minimum of five/six shifts per week.
•    Your shifts will alternate between 9 hours and 8 hours per shift. 
•    The Club may close at 2:30 am if quiet by it is at discretion of manager on duty.
•    All dancers will work Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays. 
•    Any dancer who breaks her contract and departs the club before the end of her shift will be subject to an early departure fine. 
•    The dancer’s remuneration will be paid weekly to them.
•    Breach of Contract will result in a penalty (fine) 

      Sick and no shows
•    Any dancer sick is required to produce a doctor’s certificate. Dancers are to remain at home while booked off sick.  

•    It is everyone obligation to be a team player and take part and build the club.
•    Photos will be used to market the club and for the website purposes. 

      Lap dances 
•    Lap dances are charged at ZAR450 for three songs. 
•    Double shows are ZAR450 per dancer for three songs. (ZAR900)
•    Both are for up to two customers. 
•    Additional customers are charged at ZAR100 per person. 
•    Extra songs are also charged at ZAR100 per song per dancer. 
•    Customers are to keep their hands besides them and are not allowed to touch dancers. 


     Table dances 
•    Table dances are charged at ZAR300 for two songs. 
•    Extra songs are also charged at ZAR100 per song. 
•    Customers are too keep their hands besides them and are not allowed to touch dancers. 

      Candys Lounges 
•    Lounges are charged at ZAR1200 to ZAR3800  
•    No sex is permitted at any lounge, only dancing are permitted.

      Bachelor or birthday boy on stage:  ZAR350 (Dancer: ZAR200 Club: ZAR150) 
•    This is where you speak to management about taking a gentleman on stage.  You have to speak to the DJ first to organize this.  
•    This happens as follows:  He will receive 1 complimentary shooter (at the managers discretion) to down on stage in 10 seconds time.  
•    You have to organize with management and the bar staff for these shooters if management decides to provide these shooters. 
•    You will give him a miniature lap dance, take off only your top.  
•    Remove his clothing, you are not allowed to remove client’s undergarments in the shower or on stage.  Leave his jock on.  
•    We are not here to see him, he is here to see us…  After this give him a spank with a belt and put him in the shower.  
•    Make sure the water is the correct temperature – we do not need any accidents.  

      Hereafter you will bring the client a towel – do not just walk away and leave him wet on stage.


      Stage shows
•    You are not allowed to sit at a table or with a client while the main show is on.  Move to the change room. 
•    However, you are still allowed to do lap dances in the private area. 
•    5 Minutes prior to the show the lights will dim and you can move to the change room.  
•    This is the only time dancers are allowed in the change rooms.  
•    Dancers must be back on the floor directly after the show has finished.  
•    When the lights dim, there will be 3 songs left for you to do dances.  
•    Dancers must not get on the table after this, because they are not allowed on the table while the show is on.

      Cat Walks

•    All dancers must perform 2/3 song Cat walks on stage Topless as your name is called
•    On average each song lasts three and a half minutes.
•    The DJ on duty will prepare a roster for the above shows. 


      “Intro” Parade
•    All dancers are required to be ready for introduction and to walk across the main stage during the “Intro” parade which occurs at 11.00pm e

      6 Song Rule
•    You are allowed to sit at a table for a period of six(6)  songs.  After that move to another table to give the other girls a chance.


      Dress Code
•    Dancers are required to be dressed elegantly and sexy at all times. Dancers are required to change outfits at least once during an evening.


      Use of Cell Phones
•    Dancers are not allowed to use their cell phones at anytime while on duty in the Club. 
•    This includes use on the floor, in the change rooms or in the toilets.


      Customer Etiquette
•    Dancers must always ensure customers are aware of the charges for dances. 
•    A dancer must never shout at a customer or make a scene in front of other customers.
•    A dancer must not hit a customer.
•    A dancer must not walk and smoke at the same time
•    A dancer must not get drunk on duty.
•    A dancer must not swear at any time.
•    A dancer must not sit in the dressing room without a valid reason.
•    A dancer must not fight with co-dancers or workers.


      Drug policy

•    Candy’s will not tolerate drugs or illegal substances on its premises or the taking of drugs by any of the Club’s dancers or staff.
•    Anyone caught with drugs on their possession or taking drugs in the Club will have their contract terminated immediately.
•    In addition, Candy’s will not tolerate the use of drugs at anytime while a dancer is contracted with Candy’s.
•    Dancers will be subject to random drug tests to ensure they are drug free.
•    Random Searches will be conducted to make sure you are not in possession of any illegal drugs


      Male company in Candy’s accommodation
•    Male company is not allowed at accommodation provided by Candy’s under any circumstances. 


      Bill and Credit Card payments
•    Any payments for dances charged to a customer’s credit card or table bill will be subject to a 10% processing fee by the club. 


      Holiday Policy
•    Please apply 4 weeks before you want to take leave to ensure that it will be approved.


      Dancer names
•    Under no circumstances must a stage name previously used by a dancer be used by a new dancer. This applies regardless of whether the              dancer is no longer dancing at Candy’s.


      Closing and last rounds 
•    Last rounds will be called at 3.30 am. and the Club lights will be put on at 3.55 a.m. and the Club will close at 4.00 a.m. in terms of our liquor            license. 
•    Should the Club be quiet, the Duty Manager has the sole discretion to call last rounds at 1.30 a.m. and close the Club at 1.45 a.m.
•    All stage dancing must continue until the Club closes.


      Drinking on Shift
•    Dancers purchasing alcohol from the bar must pay cash. You are not allowed to run a tab with the barmen or with the waitresses
•    If you cannot consume alcohol responsibly and get drunk then Candy’s can ban a particular dancer from accepting any form of alcoholic                  beverage.


      Promotions and functions

•    All the dancers are required to help with promotions and functions from time to time. This shall include special events held at Candy’s e.g.              Rugby Saturdays which are not included in our normal trading hours and Golf Day promotions.



•    You are to keep to the house rules displayed at the Houses. 
•    The weekly rental as agreed and notified to your agent will be paid weekly in advance on a Saturday. 

      Candy’s’ Duties

•    Candy’s provide accommodation for foreign dancers.
•    Candy’s provide security for the dancers while they work in the club.
•    Candy’s Management will be available to help, assist, and advise foreign dancers in order to make their stay in Port Elizabeth as enjoyable              and rewarding as possible.

      Fines System

•    Non - Compliance with the Club rules and terms and conditions are all subject to the Club’s standard fines system, a copy of which will be                provided at the commencement of your Contract.