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  • A Basic and logical sense of hospitality – you are in essence a facilitator and servant to the patron, and how you handle and serve them the whole evening will determine their experience…and your tip. Know what is what, and which goes where.


  • Bar tending & waitering skills – if you haven’t got them already, Candy’s will give you proper and comprehensive in-service training


  • Good communication skills – you should be able to communicate clearly and sufficiently to receive/give orders and to explain the merchandise and proceedings of the business


  • Organized thinking – you should have good memory skills and organized thought patterns to deliver a quick and professional waiting service


  • Be a team player – many hands make light work. Always assist a fellow staff member where you can. This way you build good interpersonal relationships and the work just gets done so much easier


  • Stamina and balance – you’ll be working late and long hours. Ensure that you are fit and rested, and are able-bodied to carry anything from a single glass to a heavy tray filled with food and beverage and/or shooters


  • Hygiene – as mentioned….you are working with food and beverages. Keep yourself and your working tools clean, shiny and germ-free


  • Basic math skills – you will be working with orders and money. Basic addition and subtraction is important to either calculate the bill/tab and will be advantageous to ensure a quick cash up after a long shift


  • A thorough knowledge of the business nature and products – you deal with the patron most of the time, so ensure that you know the house rules, the drink menu, the food and its ingredients and other services like the back of your hand.


  • Have business savvy – always try to upsell or do suggestive selling – the bigger the bill, the bigger the tip


  • Always be willing to learn – ask questions, ask for assistance, do research, be observant, follow orders and practice your skill on a daily basis. There is no room for error in this quick-paced business of hospitality and entertainment.


  • Be professional – always be punctual, don’t skip out on shifts, help and learn where you can and treat everyone that comes across your path with kindness and respect.


  • If you don’t enjoy your job, you shouldn’t be doing it…if you do it for any other reason, find a way to make it work for all – fake it till you make it!