Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to dancing, how do I get started?

Its pretty simple. You can apply onine with us, we will set up an audition with you. If you get the job, you can request that someone helps train you in almost all aspects of the job.



Do I have to know how to pole dance to get the job? How can I learn to pole dance? 

Knowing how to pole dance does not determine you getting the job or not, although it is a bonus if you already have the skills - even if it is basic pole dancing skills. 

Although we are able to provide you with someone that can train you, or simply use Youtube - there are plenty of beginners training videos.



I don't know how to give a lap dance. Can you teach me? 

Yes, someone can assist you with how to give a lap dance. Our existing girls know all the tips and tricks!



What if I need accomodation

The club can provide accomodtion on agreement with management.



How much will I make? 

How much you make all depends on you. you are an independant contractor working within / alongside Candy's .

If you are lazy and do not work hard you will not make as much as you would like or what you could potentially make. 


What is the dress code? Shoes? Where can I get ?

We do have outfits, shoes etc. for sale via arragement through club manager. Although make up and personal affects, is your responsibility to ensure that you have what you need. 


How many days do I work per week?

Candy's is open 6 days a week and closed on a Sunday . 

With that being said, you would have Sunday off as well as one day in the week. 


Do I pay the club a levy? How much is it? 

Yes, all strip clubs require that you pay a levy.  Candy's levy is one of the lowest and most manageable in the country.

Trading Hours LEVEL 3

Tuesday  to Saturday   |  13:00 to 20:00

113 Heugh Road 
Port Elizabeth

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